Pancake making games

Here is how made the world's sweetest breakfast. Pancake with a lots of fresh fruit.

Pancake recipeMake pancakes! It so easy! Let's see what you need: 1 egg, some milk and water, and of course a little flour and salt.

decorationIn this game you have to decorate a banana cake with fruits and icing. Do not forget to put refreshments on the table!

PancekeriaPapa's Pancakes! You get here the best pancakes all around the States! What about popping in and helping a little bit in the cafeteria?

pancakesCatch the pancakes! Take care because if you don't catch only one pencakes you dropped out!

pancakeMake the same pancake that the computer make! Good game!

pancake gameMix the pancake batter! Fry the pancakes! Finally decorate and serve them!

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